Our Areas of Expertise


Public & Employment Law

Administrative Law

Expert advice on all aspects of the law governing the activities of central and local government and other entities exercising public powers.  Experienced representation in judicial review proceedings.

Gordon Davis, John Maassen, Christopher Griggs, Lisa Hansen

Employment law

Expert advice for employees, employers, and unions on employment relations issues. Assistance with internal reviews, investigations and disputes in the employment context such as personal grievances and collective bargaining.

Gordon Davis, Christopher Griggs, Lisa Hansen, Cassandra Kenworthy

Government Administration

Preparation and presentation of submissions to Select Committees, representation of entities at Select Committee inquiries and general public sector governance matters.

Gordon Davis, Christopher Griggs, David McLay

International law

Expert advice and representation in the fields of private and public international law.  Member of the List of Counsel at the International Criminal Court.

Christopher Griggs

Independent Investigations & Reviews

Experience in undertaking independent investigations and reviews of government organisations, companies or other organisations. Provision of an independent, objective and tailored service to the matter at hand. 

Gordon Davis, Christopher Griggs, Lisa Hansen, Cassandra Kenworthy

Local Government Law

Specialist advice on all local government legislation and activities including public works, the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, council infrastructure projects, council controlled organisations, bylaws and regulatory compliance.

John Maassen

Resource Management Law

Specialist advice for all resource management matters relating to land, freshwater and oceans. Land issues covering land use, development and subdivision. Experienced advice in regional developments affecting freshwater, and advice in marine ecology and aquaculture.

John Maassen

Taxation Law

Specialist advice on the income tax and GST aspects of business and family transactions. Advice for taxpayers on tax investigations by Inland Revenue.  Acting on disputes with Inland Revenue.  Appearances in court on tax challenges, judicial review, debt recovery, and prosecutions.

David McLay, Edward Power

Private Law

Civil and commercial Litigation

Experienced advice and representation in civil disputes across all courts and tribunals in New Zealand.

Christopher Griggs, Lisa Hansen, Cassandra Kenworthy, John Maassen, David McLay,

Commercial Arbitration

Expertise in private dispute resolution under the Arbitration Act including construction, contract and valuation disputes.

John Maassen

Company Law

Provision of advice on governance, directors' duties and issues arsing from insolvency.

Peter Barker

Insolvency Law

Advice and representation in corporate and personal insolvency matters.

Peter Barker, Christopher Griggs




Property law

Advice on property transactions, conveyancing disputes, protecting interests in land, removing caveats, cancelling leases and relief against cancellation other remedies under the Property Law Act 2007.

John Maassen, Christopher Griggs

Relationship Property

Expert advice on relationship properties matters after a relationship break down. Experience in settling disputes of both large estates and small family matters. Provision of an objective and supportive service during a time of great personal stress.

Gordon Davis, Lisa Hansen, John Maassen

Trust law

Advice to settlors, trustees and beneficiaries on the establishment, administration and termination of trusts, including post-settlement governance entities for Māori iwi. Acting in trust disputes and appearing in court.

David McLay, John Maassen

Specialist Areas

Animal Law

Advice on the law relating to animals, including Animal Welfare Act enforcement and offences, regulatory issues, engagement with animal agencies and legal assistance for animal focussed agencies and organisations.

Cassandra Kenworthy

Charity & Not-for-Profit Law

Advice on the establishment, administration and termination of charities as well as other not-for-profit entities. Experienced representation in Charities Act registration and deregistration appeals. Advice on and appearances in relation to charitable schemes under the Charitable Trusts Act for modification and amalgamation of charitable entities.

David McLay

Aviation Law

Expert advice and representation in the field of domestic and international commercial, public and regulatory law governing aircraft, airports and the carriage of goods and passengers by air.

Christopher Griggs

Criminal Law

Quality counsel and advocacy on all criminal matters. Assistance from the very beginning right through to trial and appeal. Counsel can appear in matters before the District Court, High Court or International Criminal Court.

Christopher Griggs

FireArms Law

Assistance in permit and licensing matters under the Arms Act 1983.

Lisa Hansen

Maritime law

Expert advice and representation in the field of domestic and international commercial, public and regulatory law governing ships, ports, offshore installations and the carriage of goods by sea, including admiralty law and the law of the sea.

Christopher Griggs

Medico Legal & Health Law

Advice to healthcare providers, regulators and consumers in relation to policies, complaints and representation of clients before the Health and Disability Commissioner, DHBs, registration bodies (such as the Medical Council of New Zealand) and other regulatory organisations.

Cassandra Kenworthy, Lisa Hansen


Superior advice and representation on any matter concerning military justice and discipline, including representation in the Court Martial, as well as military employment law and complaints. Consultant to governments on military justice law reform.

Christopher Griggs